samedi 31 juillet 2010

Wird tidiania 11
History wird tidiania 11 Djiré Sheikh Ibrahim.
Cheick Ibrahim Djiré, Sheikh of tidiania wird 11, resides in Bamako, Mali.
How I was wird tidjiania 11?
I was wird tidiania 11 through 14 successive dreams of the Prophet (saw).
In the dreams I had posed some questions to the Prophet (saw).
- For the first time I saw the Prophet in a dream, I asked him if it was he who gave the wird Cheick Ahmed Tidiane?
- - He replied that it was he who gave the wird tidiania 11 to Sheikh Ahmed tidiane, face to face and dreamless.
- I asked the Prophet (saw) if wird tidiania 11 can guarantee someone?
- He said yes, for someone who takes a check wird tidiania11 with authority to give and dies by the wird, will go to paradise.
- I asked the Prophet if wird tidiania 12 is good?
- He told me it's good.
- And wird tidiania 11?
- He said that "more" good that Tidjania12 wird, because it was he himself who gave the tidiania 11.
- I asked him if I gave the wird tidiania 11 and make Moukadams?
- He said yes, give the wird and make Moukadams around the world.
- I asked the prophet to go and take wird with whom?
- He told me to take with Sheik Mamadou, who is his messenger.
- I asked him, or is Sheikh Mamadou?
- He told me to go to Kaskar.
- I asked him, or is Kaskar?
- He replied that it is a city that borders with Mali and Mauritania.
- I asked him, what part of the Mali-Mauritania border?
- He told me that it's part of Nara (Mali).
The prophet said that once happened to Kaskar, to go Dalla Mana, and I find Cheick Mamadou under the net. I was in and saw Kaskar Cheick Mamadou Mana at Dalla under the screen as the prophet had said.
Cheick Mamadou Mana came to Dalla and nobody was aware of his arrival. He (Cheick Mamadou) who ordered me to the presence of the Prophet (saw) in the net to give the wird Tidiania 11 uet make Moukadams worldwide.
Since I left Kaskar Cheick Mamadou has disappeared and nobody knows where it went.
That in some of my online history wird Tidiania 11 given by the Prophet (saw).

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